JACKOBS, design, produce and market equipments and products for hygiene and healthy for  PETs

JACKOBS, using the most innovative technologies on the market, would offer you the most advanced equipments and products you can find in grooming business

Every grooming equipments are built in compliance to the current laws and to highest production and quality management system; 100% of systems are tested before delivery.

However is possible, within defined limits, customize the systems accordly to the customer request.

Thanks to the easy of assembly and our logistic knowledge we are able to delivery our equipment in every European Countries

In 2018, to complete the offer to our clients, we decided to commercialize some products dedicated to hygiene and healthy of cats/dogs. A long selection process has started which has led us to callaborate with the best italian companies in the business.

In January 2020, in Segrate (Mi) in Piazza Centro Commerciale 22, we have opened a first JACKOBS shop and show room where customer can try and buy all our products.


Why chose Jackobs:

  1. We are not a franchising;
  2. We are the developers and builders so we know our products and the reasons of each choice;
  3. In JACKOBS you could find all what you need to start and grow your business (traditional grooming, self service, dog/cat gartens, kennel,…). Collaborating with only one expert supplier can be a great advantage, especially at beginning of the business;
  4. All the system are modular so, customers, can choose only the interested products and grow step by step, optimizing the investment:
  5. We are the only one that can offer equipments for internal (Ei: Shops) and externa (Ei: garden);
  6. All the equipments can be installed by customer;
  7. Our technicians will help and support you from development to the realization of your project helping you, if necessary, to prepare biz plan in order to check the validity of the project;
  8. JACKOBS, thanks to its organization, guarantee the delivery of spare parts and products in 48h/72;

To download our catalogue, complete the form and will receive it by e_mail