Why open a grooming centre

In 2021, in Europe, there were Almost 93 million dogs and 113.5 million cats (ASSALCO report data 2022).


Dogs and cats are fully integrated into the family which makes their health and hygiene essential for a healthy coexistence within the home. This concept is increasingly rooted in dog/cat owners who are, therefore, extremely interested in personally taking care of the hygiene of their dog or cat.

Coat care is just one of the main elements to keep your furry in perfect shape. Undertaking the activity of groomer, after an adequate training course, is certainly a demanding activity but quite rewarding from all points of view.
An expert groomer is in fact able to recommend the best products for the care of the coat and skin which are the elements in contact with pollution and, therefore, the first to suffer its devastating effects.

The good groomer becomes a partner, almost a friend, of the dog’s owner who therefore becomes loyal and continues to use the same grooming for years. In addition to a good preparation, to obtain an excellent result, the groomer needs to use the best equipment and JACKOBS BEAUTY PET has precisely this goal.


Where open a grooming centre?

To open a successful grooming salon, the choice of the location is essential, which must guarantee a good catchment area.

The ideal places are:

  • Areas with a high concentration of dogs/cats
  • Proximity to gardens or parks where dogs are allowed
  • Proximity of car parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Veterinary clinics

Why choose Jackobs Beauty Pet?

  • We are not a Franchise.
  • We are the developers and manufacturers and so we know our product and the reason for each choice.
  • We will provide you with everything you need to start and grow your business (grooming, self-service, kennels/catteries, daycare centres,…). Working with one experienced supplier can be a great advantage, especially at the beginning of the business.
  • All systems are modular so you can choose only the product you are interested in and grow step by step, optimising your investment.
  • We are the only ones to offer both indoor (e.g. shops) and outdoor (e.g. gardens, parks,…) systems.
  • All systems can be installed directly by the customer.
  • Our technicians will accompany you from the development to the implementation of your project, helping you, if necessary, draw up a business plan to verify the economic viability of your project and for potential financing applications (paid service).
  • Guaranteed supply of washing products and spare parts within 48h nationwide (72h for Calabria and islands).
  • Option of purchasing equipment with operational rental.

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