Why open a grooming centre?

Why open a grooming centre?

In 2018, IN Europe there was 75 milion of cats and 65,5 milion of dogs. Entire value of PET’s market is around 18,5 bilion of Euro; growth of 15,6% respect 2017.

Dogs and cats aren’t only a PETS. They are member of family so its hygiene is fundamental  for health of the family. Bathing the dog/cat at our home is not easy. Means making a mess of the bathtub, clogging the drain with fur, and air drying inside the apartment; at the end need spend a lot of time to clean.

So pet owner has only two possibilities:

  1. Take it to a professional groomer, where could find a complete assistance both as washing and for hair cutting and/or any extra treatment
  2. Wash it in a self service centre where the owner could personally take care of washing its cat/dog. To access to self service, booking is not necessary, so the owner can wash dog/cat when really need and, as same time, contain the stress that washing still creates and save a money.

JACKOBS could support you in all activities and supply you all the products that you need to open a traditional grooming centre, a self service or a combined once.

To open a success grooming centre choose correct location is fundamental:

  • Near garden or parks where dog can access;
  • Pet stories;
  • Laundromats;
  • Shopping centre;
  • Dog beaches;
  • Resort or Hotels;
  • Campsites;
  • Gasoline stations or car washes;
  • Site has to be popular with a dog walkers on a regular basis. Ideally where they could get wet, and/or sandy
  • Access to parking is also important